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Riley Connors is back in BLIND JUSTICE.
Book 2 of the NEMESIS Series.

In the sequel to INJUSTICE, Riley Connors has some serious woman problems. The love of her life, Ali Garcia, won't give her the time of day, but plenty of others want a piece of her. Riley's stream of one night stands doesn't get her any closer to Ali, but she does get the attention of a dangerous old flame, who brings the past crashing back.

While trying to make time to focus on her second year of law school, she and Charlie race to stop whoever is checking names off of a hit list, as the victims get closer to home. The ticking of the clock grows louder by the minute, and when the timer goes off, it's not a drill.


Book 1 of the NEMESIS Series

The Mile-High City has its troubles. Fortunately, it also has a troubleshooter, Riley Connors, who is more than she seems: law student, waitress, and flirt.

Riley has a past and connections that enable her to protect the people around her. Her penchant for investigating and meting out justice to criminals and scum that the law has not touched is challenged when Riley meets Ali Garcia, a girl who presses every one of Riley's buttons from caution to distrust to desire.

Ali's in danger and Riley finds herself unable to resist, knowing full well that even her wiles and skills at handing out justice are about to be tested.

Available at:  Lethe Press and Amazon

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